Belliss & Morcom Governor Overhaul

This unit is a rare Governor by Belliss and Morcom. The company which were founded in 1852 in Birmingham, are now a division of Ingersoll Rand based in Redditch.  The actual Governor is thought to be around at least 45 years old and obviously this particular model and parts now obsolete. We were unable to determine when it had previously been overhauled.

We fully stripped, chemically cleaned and inspected every inch of this governor. After inspection it was found that the output power piston trip mechanism housing had a large crack through the casting, and major wear throughout.

Specialist cast iron welding was carried out on the damaged part of the case and EGS manufactured all obsolete parts.

The unit was then carefully rebuilt, paint sprayed and tested to specification.

This unique Governor took 8 weeks to complete and our customer and team were all very impressed with our final achievement when fitted back into the petrochemical plant.

Below photos of before and after overhaul.

Steam Valve Overhaul for Sulzer

The Steam turbine combined trip and throttle valve was received in a very poor condition and appeared to have not been used for some considerable time.
Trip and throttle valves are integral to the safety and precisely control the speed / load of the steam turbine, typically drive an alternator, pump or fan.
Steam valves generally get very rusty, due to the nature of the harsh environment, as you can see from the before photograph.

Sequence of overhaul;
The first step we take when performing an overhaul on any valve is to photograph its initial state and also as we gradually strip the valve, more photos are taken.
The valve is then dismantled and cleaned by paint stripping and bead blasting to remove all rust and dirt, then chemically cleaned.
Once all parts are clean, they are then laid out and inspected for wear, damage and corrosion. Only then our technicians will ascertain what will need replacing.
A Standard overhaul kit was fitted, in addition to valve stems, pins, main studs, washers, adjusting screws, main gaskets used plus machining on some major parts carried out.
The valve was then meticulously re-built and mechanically tested to ensure the unit was back to original specification.

The finished valve was dispatched in a bespoke wooden packing case and delivered safely back to the customer by our own EGS transport.

For a enquiries, please contact

Cyber-Duck wins outstanding website category award for EGS new site.

24th September – 5th October 2012


Our retrofit department are currently working on building two control stands which will be replacing old mechanical governors,  our customer is updating equipment to enhance the efficiency of the running of the turbine. On completion of these two large units they will be shipped to an oil refinery in Africa.

We have previously carried out a similar project for a waste management company. Go to the case study for more information and to see pictures of the double Peak 150 stand we designed and built.


Our service engineer Jon will be visiting the site of the UK’s longest established district heating company to install and commission two Woodward EG10P Governors and a solenoid stop valve and also to replace corroded wiring looms on their extraction steam turbine. Jon will be reconfiguring a Woodward 505E Control and setting up all equipment to customers specifications.


This month our overhaul department including technicians and test engineers have been busy overhauling a number of Woodward Governors that have been received from a UK based oil refinery.

The large quantity of critical plant operation units have all been stripped, inspected with all worn and damaged parts replaced. The units were then rebuilt and sprayed and are now currently in the process of being tested and set to specification to meet the customer’s criteria.

Our Governor Technician Chris has also been working on a main engine governor type PGA-EG, which has now been safely delivered back on board a premier cruise liner the MS Braemar. 


Award-winning digital agency Cyber-Duck won two awards for the EGS website built earlier this year. They were awarded one silver W3 award in the Manufacturing in the General Websites Category and also scooped a 2012 WebAward in the outstanding website category.

Well done Cyber-Duck!

For more information, see the article posted on Cyber-Duck’s website.

Other EGS news

On Friday 5th October our Sales and Marketing Manager April will be leaving EGS. We wish her all the best of luck in her future career.


EGS overhaul three Ansaldo Valve Actuators

18th – 29th June 2012


British Sugar

The final elements to the British Sugar upgrade have been completed. This ultimate stage consisted of comprehensive functional testing of all elements to the set, emergency stop tests, overspeed trip testing and a final testing of the turbine onload.

The ProTech TPS was tested to ensure it functioned correctly. The TPS is a 2 out of 3 system in which there are three independent modules; if any two give the same value it results in a functional output. If one module fails therefore, the system can still function and an alert of the failed module will be issued. The correct functioning of the three dual MPUs was also tested to ensure all three read correctly with the turbine turning over an electric motor at 263 RPM.

We also tested the 505 overspeed trip and the mechanical overspeed trip. The CPC-II (Current to Pressure Converter) was the final module to be tested. It is wired to the 505 control that positions the steam inlet valve to desired position depending on speed and load. All data feeds back to the HMI enabling the status of equipment to be monitored.

Lastly we ensured a final testing of the turbine onload took place, which generated 8MW and exported 4MW to the National Grid. The final test was very successful and proved very stable.

Overhaul and service

Ansaldo Valve Actuators

Our customer, a specialist installer of steam turbine generator sets, approached us to have a selection of valve actuators overhauled and performance tested in order to improve the performance of the valves. Significant wear could be noted in addition to oil leakages which were limiting oil pressure by two bar.

We were sent three valves:

  • One HP Control Valve Actuator, for inspection of the glyde ring and cylinder bore.
  • A Main Steam Stop Valve Power Cylinder, which was showing signals of excessive wear in particular to the cylinder bore and piston.
  • An Oil/Air Relay Device – the customer was experiencing problems of air relay changeover and air escaping.

To overcome these challenges we replaced all seals which were designed and remanufactured due to being obsolete. All bores were also honed and we machined new bushings and piston rods where necessary.

The valves were tested hydraulically to the customer desired set points in addition to oil pressure.

Check out the photos of these valves pre and post overhaul to the right.


Governor Technician Steve recently overhauled a TG17E, an electric turbine governor. Unlike the TG, it doesn’t have a ballhead assembly, but rather a milliamp control. This was a routine overhaul in which all parts were cleaned, inspected for wear and replaced as necessary. All consumable parts were also replaced and the TGE tested to specification using a calibrated milliamp supply versus degrees output.

You can see a picture of the TGE to the right on test by Test Supervisor Ivor.


Governor Technician Chris overhauled one RE 1102V-4G-25L, high pressure governor of around 250 psi. The state of the governor was particularly dirty indicative of heavy engine oil contamination from the drive shaft oil seal.

Several key components had suffered notable wear. The rotor assembly was a 3G rotor, replaced with the metrics version 4G. The drive shaft was also replaced in addition to all consumable parts, gaskets and seals. The motor was also excessively worn and replaced.

The RE can be seen on test to the right.

Urgent overhaul for RFA Wave Ruler

30th July – 10th August 2012


Technician Steve is working on an urgent PG-EG58 overhaul for the RFA Wave Ruler vessel.

We are also overhauling two RE400 governors for MOD warships within our enabling contract. Technicians Mick and Chris have been working on the two Regulateurs Europa governors, with the first of the two freshly resprayed yesterday, decals and last minute adjustments were made this morning and it is currently being testing to specification.

Exchange build

Technician James last week completed two exchange build Woodward UG8 governors.

Retrofit and upgrades

Service Manager Steve is working alongside Applications Engineer Jon to complete the preliminary planning stages of a control upgrade for a vessel belonging to a UK based marine support services provider.

The existing equipment consists currently of the obsolete Woodward 701 control, which will be replaced with the Woodward 723 digital control.

This should be a two day project; Jon will meet the vessel in its location to mount and wire the 723 and configure all settings. He will then thoroughly test the new system, commission the engine by running it through its various speed ranges and temperatures to check the response.

EGC2 Overhaul and PG-EG conversion

July 2nd – 13th 2012

Mechanical Overhaul


Engineers Ivor and Chris overhauled two EG2Cs for overhaul for the oil rig platform of an independent oil and gas company,

The EG2Cs are old electric governors with ballhead assembly back up. From our experience, these governors are prone to oil leakages and when hence tested as received and found to be the case. The governors were then stripped by Ivor and cleaned, the cases were sleeved and the worn piston bored.

We replaced the worn parts which in this case was the pilot valve bushing and the plunger, which was replaced on both the mechanical and electric side. Both power pistons replaced and all consumable parts.

Finally they were rebuilt and tested to specification.


We have supplied two UG10D governors to London based shipping company.



This fortnight one of our customers, an offshore application specialist that had previously ordered a  PG-EG flush shaft governor, required a conversion in order that the terminal shaft was on the right hand side of the governor. With a twin shaft PG-EG this would have been much easier, however due to space limitation issues a conversion was necessary.

Exchange build


We have completed five unique build PSG models to be fitted to Caterpillar engines.

Electronics Overhaul


Service Manager Steve is currently working on a CPC-I sent in by a customer for overhaul and recalibration. This particular CPC has been subject to water contamination so will be fully examined for any damaged, any repair work will be carried out as necessary in addition to part replaced if required.


Governing equipment overhauled for multimillion pound MOD vessel life extension project

27th August – 8th September 2012


We are very happy to be organising our latest training course, tailored to the needs of an international oil company. This will consist of a two day training course at the end of October and will cover usability and product lifecycle management of the governors and controls that make up our customer’s particular governing system.

Test Engineer and Training Coordinator Ivor is particularly looking forward to holding the training course and has been making preparations as necessary.


Applications Engineer Jon Chapman has been working with a UK energy company on an upgrade and retrofit project, which consisted of a complete overhaul of the turbine, and whilst the turbine was in retrofit period, the overhaul of two EG10Ps.

We also overhauled the turbine controls, which were reinstated at the turbine rebuild. Jon attended the customer site to commission the Woodward 505 turbine control. A new auto start up sequence was also commissioned as per the customer request in a bid to improve efficiency.


This fortnight Service Engineer Karl and Service Manager Steve attended a vessel to fit, commission and complete sea trials for a governor overhaul for a ship repair company. Having overhauled the main engine loadsharing governors, basin trials have been completed and Applications Engineer Jon is due to attend the vessel for sea trials next Thursday.

Additionally, we overhauled the governing equipment for a Ministry of Defence vessel within a major multimillion pound 15 year life extension project.


We have recently completed the overhaul of four PGEs for the class 60 locomotive. These took place in the form of fixed price overhauls inclusive of all labour, kits and required spare part replacements.

Exchange build

We have completed an exchange build UG Actuator for UK based Construction Company, Technician James has also been working on an exchange build PGPL for our agent Ian Skins and Technician Chris has been working on the overhaul of a PGA for an offshore marine support vessel.

EGS overhaul GT power oil solenoid block

16th – 27th July 2012

In addition to our departmental overhaul and supply work we have had a number of events and changes taking place such as a company bike ride, BBQ, bowling and office redesign.


Some of the EGS team (Wayne, April, Michelle, Sarah, Mick, Chris, James and Andy) completed a 25 mile bike ride around Colchester to raise money for St Helena Hospice and the PH Association. Despite the miserable weather; amber weather warning for rain, flooding and risk of storm, the team pulled through and made a fun day of the challenge.

We all stuck together as team, letting no man fall behind, and celebrated with a lunch at the end. Next time we’re planning to step up the mileage and complete a 50 mile course. Check out photos of the team which can be found to the right.

Olympic BBQ and Bowling

To celebrate the launch of the Olympics, this Friday (27th) we will be seeking to tie up the day’s activities for 13.30 and holding a BBQ on site with good food, drink and music. BBQ expert Wayne will be manning the BBQ, and some of the team will then be heading off for a night of bowling.

Office Overhaul

You may have seen on our Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages that the EGS offices have undergone some serious work.

The senior management office has been restructured and redecorated. A separate office for accounts and quality control has been built for Holly and Marie. Finally the administration offices have been redesigned to a larger open plan office. This redesign work was part of a larger strategy to improve efficiency and communication. You will see to the right a picture of the last office to be overhauled in which the Overhaul and Spares departments can work more effectively in their appropriate teams.

Mechanical Overhaul

Whilst many changes and events have taken place, we haven’t let it affect our work, of course! Here are a few of the projects we have been working on:

Technician James is working on two Woodward UG8D exchange build governors. Pictures of components laid out can be found to the right.

GT power oil solenoid block

Service Manager Steve has been working on the overhaul of a GT power oil solenoid block for a power generation customer who has been experiencing some issues of the valves sticking.

Steve went about this project firstly by carefully sketching the solenoid assembly, taking notes and photographs. He stripped and cleaned all elements and then individually rebuilt each of the four valves.

He then preceded to the test the individual valves consisting of three solenoid valves and one double solenoid. The three individual solenoids form a two out of three voting trip system, of which Steve tested all possible combinations. He then tested the final valve, a double solenoid acting as an on/off trip in addition to testing the reassembled complete unit, which seemed to be operating perfectly to specification with no issues of sticking.

The customer will come to site Friday 27th to witness these tests which will be performed again by Steve. All results will be explained to the customer who will check all is satisfactory in addition to having resolved the issue of sticking.

EGS raise funds for Cry in the Dark

4th – 15th June 2012


This fortnight within the overhaul department Technicians Mick and Chris have overhauled two RE 1104A-3G governors for the RMAS Careful. These took place in the format of routine overhaul with all consumable and worn parts replaced as necessary.

See to the right a photo of one of the REs on test, one complete RE ready for decaling, in addition to a great photo of the RMAS Careful at Plymouth on the 25th May in 1995. For more images and information, see the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service website here.

Upon completion of testing by technician Ivor, the REs will be sent  to be packed for shipping by Storeman Ian. Technicians Chris and Mick will then move onto the overhaul of two PG-PL governors.

This fortnight we have also supplied three UG40 actuators for Baku, Azerbaijan for a pipe laying vessel.


The work we are doing for British Sugar, which we showcased last fortnight, is almost complete. Technician Chris attended site to fit the CPC-II and complete all pipework. The original CPC bracket was in poor condition consisting of a plastic box which was worn and broken.

We designed and made a new bracket for the CPC-II which was moved back to make space for the new, much more robust bracket; far more suitable for the design.

Technicians Karl and Jon are onsite fitting the HMI and completing the final details; testing should take place Monday.


This Friday the 15th of June, some of the EGS team members will be baking sausage rolls and cakes to raise money for Cry in the Dark, a Colchester based charity that support children and families in Romania. For more information about Cry in the Dark, visit their website. We are also hoping to have a BBQ fundraising day later this summer.

EGB Proport governors overhauled for Ministry of Defence

May 21st – June 1st 2012


Following the completion of the sea trials mentioned in last fortnight’s post, the controls upgrade consisting of a 723 PLUS and PGA-EG triple redundant system per engine for an ocean research vessel, is fully complete. Chris, who accompanied engineers Jon and Karl to assist with the installation and in particular the new pipework, took some great photos during the project, which can be found to the right.

We are now working on the completion of the upgrade project for British Sugar. Friday the 25th May, engineers Jon, Karl and Chris attended site to record all information and measurements necessary to install the new 505panel and CPC-II system.

The requirements for the new system, conveyed to us by British Sugar consist of the removal of the existing Woodwood 505 governor system and its associated hydraulic pipework and valves, and replacing with the new generation of Woodwood 505 PLUS and CPCII mounted in purpose built panel. We will also be fitting a HMI505 view for remote control and monitoring.

The requirements of the project are as follows: load control, back pressure control , isochronous frequency control, run up and control of set speed prior to synchronisation, control of set speed for purposes of back synchronisation, inlet pressure control at the turbine governor controller, control panel to house all equipment controller, Bentley 3500 system, TMR overspeed system, steam chest temperatures, critical interlocks, dual redundant power supplies, clean earthing bar, trip protection key switch, retransmission of signals for DCS and terminal for all spare cores, HMI to view all temperatures, pressures, levels, vibration levels and speed indication and integral electronic overspeed protection with TMR functionality.


We have completed the Ansaldo steam turbine actuator overhaul that was briefly mentioned in last fortnight’s post. This took place in the form of a routine overhaul, major parts were replaced including new servo rod and new piston arrangement. The main case was rebored, rebuilt and calibrated to customer specification. The finished product was collected by the customer.

We are also working on the overhaul of two 13 ft lb EGB proport dial governors for the MOD for which it was necessary to replace the pilot valve bushing due to wear. To the right you can see several photos of the EGB job at various stages of the overhaul process.

Agents – Essex Governor Services Middle East and Asia

There are several overhaul projects taking place within the department for our agent Ian Skins; supply of a TG13 new unit to Singapore, two PGD governors and an urgent UG10D.

Furthermore, in line with our new website and rebrand, our agent Ian is working with New Zealand based web design agency Mogul on the development of his new site. Much like ours, a completely fresh approach is necessary. Ian is working with developer Anna on a simple but easy-to-use layout; this is due for completion towards the end of next month.