1984. Established

EGS was officially established to supply and service Mechanical Governors with the main vision to provide an excellent standard of quality service.

1985. Move

EGS moved from Dovercourt, Harwich to Clacton.

1986. essex

From Clacton we moved to our first Colchester based workshop at Whitehall Industrial Estate.

1988 gib engine overhaul

After getting involved in a key project in Gibraltar overhauling a Paxman engine, we expanded the business to incorporate engine overhaul.

1988. move

Whilst remaining at Whitehall Industrial Estate, we moved to a larger unit.

1991. fordham

We moved to our current factory based in Fordham, Colchester.

1993 ext

We built an extension to the main factory including two story offices and a reception area.