Belliss & Morcom Governor Overhaul

This unit is a rare Governor by Belliss and Morcom. The company which were founded in 1852 in Birmingham, are now a division of Ingersoll Rand based in Redditch.  The actual Governor is thought to be around at least 45 years old and obviously this particular model and parts now obsolete. We were unable to determine when it had previously been overhauled.

We fully stripped, chemically cleaned and inspected every inch of this governor. After inspection it was found that the output power piston trip mechanism housing had a large crack through the casting, and major wear throughout.

Specialist cast iron welding was carried out on the damaged part of the case and EGS manufactured all obsolete parts.

The unit was then carefully rebuilt, paint sprayed and tested to specification.

This unique Governor took 8 weeks to complete and our customer and team were all very impressed with our final achievement when fitted back into the petrochemical plant.

Below photos of before and after overhaul.

Steam Valve Overhaul for Sulzer

The Steam turbine combined trip and throttle valve was received in a very poor condition and appeared to have not been used for some considerable time.
Trip and throttle valves are integral to the safety and precisely control the speed / load of the steam turbine, typically drive an alternator, pump or fan.
Steam valves generally get very rusty, due to the nature of the harsh environment, as you can see from the before photograph.

Sequence of overhaul;
The first step we take when performing an overhaul on any valve is to photograph its initial state and also as we gradually strip the valve, more photos are taken.
The valve is then dismantled and cleaned by paint stripping and bead blasting to remove all rust and dirt, then chemically cleaned.
Once all parts are clean, they are then laid out and inspected for wear, damage and corrosion. Only then our technicians will ascertain what will need replacing.
A Standard overhaul kit was fitted, in addition to valve stems, pins, main studs, washers, adjusting screws, main gaskets used plus machining on some major parts carried out.
The valve was then meticulously re-built and mechanically tested to ensure the unit was back to original specification.

The finished valve was dispatched in a bespoke wooden packing case and delivered safely back to the customer by our own EGS transport.

For a enquiries, please contact

Steam Turbine Actuator Overhauls

We have just completed another successful overhaul job of 4 large steam valve actuators and Voith Way Valves for steam turbines situated in a recycling plant. This particular plant recycles domestic waste into electrical energy, which subsequently exports to the National Grid.
This job was interesting for our engineers, as all 4 actuators were received in a stripped and broken down state, as the plant engineers had tried to examine the actuators themselves and in turn had severely damaged vital components on the 4 units.
After all components were chemically cleaned and stripped of any paint, they were then fully inspected to see the extent of the destruction. Major components were replaced as well as ‘O’ rings, piston rings, seals, receptacles and all consumable fasteners renewed.
Our machine shop carried out bore honing to suit over sized pistons. Grinding and re-chroming piston stems to standard size. We also manufactured piston bearing/ seal housings.
Each steam valve actuator uses a Voith Way Valve, so these were also overhauled. The ‘Way Valve’ controls the hydraulic pressure, monitoring the feedback (LVDT) positioning sensor for each valve when fitted to the steam turbine.
Once all units were carefully re-assembled and painted a vibrant blue colour, they then had to be tested. Our Applications Engineer has built customised test equipment to aid in the examination of the output figures that each complete actuator should read. The Voith over speed trips were tested to factory settings. Each unit took approximately 2 hours to gain full accurate readings.
On completion of test, all equipment was delivered to site by our EGS Engineers, who were on hand to assist with installation.
With a lot of careful planning and production meetings, EGS were able to complete and turnaround this job in 4 weeks.

EGS to the Rescue

We have just saved the day and delivered three super red hot urgent governors that have be fitted back on board a cruise liner that encountered engine problems while sailing around the Mediterranean with passengers on board.

The three generator governors were overhauled here at EGS and delivered to Port where the motor vessel was docked within just three days.

The ship has now safely departed, carrying on its journey with around 800 passengers.

How can we help you?

Many of our customers don’t realise that we can carry out a variety of works, all to do with mechanical or electrical governing equipment.  We are your one stop governor shop!

We serve worldwide, no destination is too far! Our engineers and training supervisors are happy to travel and assist you with any governing difficulties. We can transport governors and spare parts to your preferred destination. EGS can also help you with technical assistance by phone.

Our services include; Supply of new or reconditioned governing equipment, governors on exchange basis, retrofit projects, test & repairs, overhauls including gold seal prices, spare parts, onsite engineers and training courses tailored to suit your individual needs.

Makes include;  Woodward – Regulateurs Europa – Diesel Kiki / Zexel

We have supplied some top companies including; Rolls Royce, E:ON, British Sugar …. The list could go on!

For any enquiry email or speak to our friendly office team on 01206 242000

August blog …

Well as the summer comes to a close and autumn is upon us, I can reflect back on a great working summer. As a whole we have been quite busy with various jobs and our engineers and technicians have been happy to work overtime.

We have a number of great Governor Technicians,  who’s daily job is to rebuild new and overhauled governors. This month I would like to introduce to you a couple of our Governor Technicians.


Chris has worked at EGS for 14 years – After leaving school Chris took an Apprenticeship at The South Kent College of Technology in Dover. He studied Marine Engineering for 4 years. This intensive training course taught him everything he needed to know about working on a vessels engine at sea.

Chris has gained valuable experience and knowledge over the years, working in various marine and engineering roles.

Chris has keen interests in photography, history and architecture, he often enjoys finding out about how buildings were made, present and past.


Mick has been with EGS for 5 years now – After working 20 years as a service engineer the long hours and working away became tiresome, so Mick gave up his job at Scottish & Newcastle Brewers and found his way to Essex Governors.

Mick originally trained at Paxman Diesels doing an apprenticeship through the Colchester Institute as an Engine Fitter Tester, and through this course is where he met our MD Andy, little did he know at the time he would be working for him some 25 years later!

In his spare time Mick enjoys watching live motorcycle drag racing , participating in friendly football matches and cycling. He also likes travelling and exploring new countries.

Other news this month …

Well done to Michelle who completed a half marathon in London on 08.09.13, she raised just over £250 for a Leukaemia and Lymphoma charity.

We will be attending the IMPA show in London on 11.09.13

The Fantastic Office Girls

As it has been just another normal working month this month, I have decided to write a feature on our fantastic office girls. As being the first point of contact and job co-ordinators,  as well as everything else they do, the company would not function without them!

Office Manager – Michelle

Michelle has worked for EGS nearly 11 years now, first starting in September 2002, she joined the company as an office administrator. She then quickly went on to looking after the company accounts and becoming office manager. Michelle is now working alongside our workshop manger Barry, managing all Governor related jobs.

Michelle is extremely sporty as she is a keen football enthusiast and is a member of a ladies football team, she also plays in a netball summer league, and is currently training for a half marathon in preparation for charity event ‘Run to the Beat’.

Accounts Manager – Jess

Jess is the newest addition to our office team and has easily fitted in with the girls and her working role. She has a substantial financial background and gained numerous accounting qualifications as she has been attending courses for just over 10 years!

Over the past few years Jess has enjoyed travelling, especially spending 5 months exploring countries in Asia. Now she is ready to settle down as exciting times come ahead for her as being newly engaged and buying her first home.

Spares Coordinator – Sarah

Sarah originally joined EGS in 2009 on a temporary contract to cover maternity leave.  Coming straight from college this was her first real full time job and since then she has never looked back. Sarah plays an important role in the office as she looks after all incoming spares jobs and works alongside our spares director Wayne.

Sarah is a keen cyclist and just participated in a 50 mile charity bike ride around Colchester, she completed the course in 3 hours 30 minutes and raised money for St Helena Hospices new radio therapy unit.

Stock Controller/Administrator – Jacqueline

Jacqueline has been with EGS for 7 years now , coming straight from College this was her first full time job, she joined as an office administrator and quickly learned the ropes. Along the way Jacqueline picked up more responsibilities which led onto her becoming part of the Governor department, helping to co-ordinate all Governor jobs. Now since having her son last year Jacqueline works on a part time basis, looking after our stock levels and general administration.

Jacqueline’s spare time is completely occupied by looking after her little son Jack who is 15 months old.

Quality Control Officer – Marie

My official title is Quality Control Officer but my work responsibilities go further than that. I started with the company in March 2003 as an office administrator, I then took charge of looking after the health and safety as well as all spares jobs. In 2009 I took 10 months out for maternity leave then returned back on a part time basis before leaving again on maternity leave in 2011 to have my second daughter. I am now back part time looking after health and safety, quality control and the added responsibility of marketing. This involves looking after our website and all other social media pages, plus much more. I am really enjoying this new challenge.

All my spare time is taken up looking after my two beautiful girls aged 2 and 3 years, they definitely keep me busy!

A quote from our Director – Wayne Ward

“All the office girls do a fantastic job, they are always so enthusiastic about their work and do a really great job, we couldn’t ask for better”


If you would like to find out more about our staff, follow the link







A busy month for our Training Department

This month our Training supervisor Ivor has been extremely busy delivering governor training courses. All our courses are tailor made to suit the individual needs of the company in hand. Our extremely knowledgeable training instructors can deliver any kind of governor training, in-house, onsite or here at Essex Governors Services, where you will be thoroughly looked after.

Provided on our course held at EGS works, we offer 2-3 full days intensive teaching on the typical Woodward type governors, theory sessions, hands on practical training, written literature plus a knowledge of information on a memory stick to keep, also topical discussions and a multiple choice test paper. Furthermore included are two nights bed and breakfast hotel accommodation, and collection from and to the hotel and lunch.

At the end of the course each candidate will be presented with a certificate. We also ask all our course attendees to complete a course feedback questionnaire of which we can truly say are always complementary!

Visit our webpage to find out more

… Other news this month …… Well done to our EGS team who attended the Tour de Tendering charity bike ride, they rode the 20 mile course around Harwich in aid of St Helena Hospice, all money was donated to this good cause.

We have just launched our new Freephone number  …. 0808 168 6021 … Please use this number if you are having any technical difficulties or in need of help refitting a governor after overhaul, as this will save the expense of your phone call and possibly an Engineer!!

Incoming Jobs

From month to month its hard to tell what we are going to be busy working on, only a small amount of our work is planned for the month, which is usually retrofit projects, larger quantities of overhaul jobs or for scheduled sea trials or working with turbine shut downs. As in this industry we don’t get much prior warning. So its down to our managers to deal with all jobs efficiently and work out the most effective way to distribute the work to ensure all jobs go to plan and get out the door on time!

I will take today as an example, as we have an array of different jobs received;

After speaking to the office staff and looking at our system, I can see today we have received  quite a few spares orders for items like Woodward UG8 & PSG spares, repair kits, motors, and controls. Also orders for both mechanical and digital governors . Reports have been written for three governors that have been overhauled and so costs need to be submitted to the customer for approval to proceed.  An order has been received to overhaul four Woodward PG-PL governors being delivered in two days for a quick turnaround.

An urgent onsite engineer is required for tomorrow to solve a hunting problem on an offshore marine support vessel.

Another engineer is required to attend a Tug near Glasgow in two days to assist with setting up our overhauled governors and to attend sea trials.

Plus enquiries by phone and email to which then written quotations are emailed to customers.

We never have a set busy period or a quiet period unlike some industries they can generally tell what months they expect to be more in demand, unfortunately we can’t.

The office staff who deal with the incoming jobs enjoy their work as each day is different from the other.

‘Its hard to tell what each day will bring, but I like it that way, as there’s never a dull moment as a lot of the time we are working to deadlines so our orders can meet their destinations on time’  Quote by Sarah Amoss – Office Administrator




‘Governor Overhaul Month!’

March seems to have been ‘Governor Overhaul Month’ for EGS as more and more units pile in the door from all industries.

We appear to have had a large flurry of governor overhauls, as technicians busily work overtime to ensure all governors reach our customers on time and before the Easter break. Our technicians have been working on an array of Woodward type PGA, PSG, UG8, EGB & TG Governors.

Two main engine governors type PGA-TL were overhauled for the RFA Argus as the Vessel is in refit at A & P Falmouth, Sea Trails are scheduled for the end of May.

On the rail network side, we urgently overhauled governors for Mendip Rail and also carried out standard overhauls for DB Schenker.

A full set of steam turbine actuators & controls have been fully overhauled and tested and returned back to a British Sugar site.

This March we have despatched a record number of Governors, so to say thank you to our hard working staff, they were all treated to a ‘Fish & Chip’ lunch, which was very much enjoyed by all!