How NOT to overhaul a governor

We received a UG8 Governor clearly showing signs that it had undergone a bad and cheaply done overhaul – this was a prime example of how a governor should not be overhauled!

  1. Once this particular governor was stripped down it was clear that the parts had been shot blasted, which included parts made to fine tolerance e.g. pilot valve and bushing. Some internal parts are coated and by using harsh blasting methods the coatings / layers will be removed and service life will be considerably reduced.                                                                                                                We carry out vapour blasting on castings and non fine tolerance items, this is a gentler and finer process that does not cause damage to parts. The parts are then thoroughly cleaned and inspected for wear / damage.

2. It was evident that this governor had not been updated with the latest specification of parts but instead the old parts had merely been cleaned and re-assembled.                                                                                                           Once our inspection has taken place ALL worn / corroded / damaged parts are replaced with NEW and updated spares.

  1. It was obvious that some castings showed clear signs of rust and pitting. There was no protective coatings on any of these parts, it was easy to tell that some of the castings had not been renewed as they should have been.                                                                                           We ensure that our supplied castings have a protective layer on the metal as this protects parts from harsh conditions causing slower wear, meaning a longer life in service.

As this governor was in such a bad state it was deemed uneconomical to repair, so our customer opted for a reconditioned unit.