A jam-packed January for the service department

EGS are looking forward to 2013 being another busy and eventful year.  We welcome our new customers and will continue serving existing customers with our repeatedly high standard.


The spares department have been busy in particular fulfilling a large order to one of our customers in Dubai.  This month 75% of the spares orders have been shipped to overseas destinations.

Overhauls & New builds

Governor Technician Chris has been building 2off Woodward EGB58P new build Governors for a couple of our good marine based clients. These governors are typically fitted to Wartsila Vasa 32 engines.

A rare governor that we don’t see many of these days is the KKK ‘P’ type Governor, this came in for overhaul. This governor is usually  fitted to a Siemens Turbine, with its function being to remotely control the speed of the turbine.


Some of our onsite service work this month include;

Our first job of the year was for a new customer from Ireland who contacted us regarding a problem they had on board their vessel. Our Engineer Jon went to investigate the intermittent fault on one of the boats generators. After connecting and monitoring the input and outputs on a new Woodward 2301D control the problem was eventually found on this diesel electric boat as a run signal problem.

Yet another new customer approached EGS concerning a steam turbine engine problem. Upon inspection it was found that the turbine wouldn’t shut down properly, the problem was with the hydraulic actuator currently fitted. This was then removed examined, cleaned, greased and refitted. Problem rectified at this Paper Mill.

Our engineer also flew out to Casablanca to board a cruise liner that is currently having an engine control upgrade. The job was to install, set up and commission a new Woodward 2301D Control.


We have just recently renewed our IMPA membership (International Marine Purchasing Association). If you are not familiar with IMPA have a look at their website http://impa.net/

All our Governor packing boxes have been upgraded to a new, more robust wooden case, this new resilient style should prove to be extra sturdy preventing any mistreatment that should occur by those freight forwarding handlers!

We welcome back Jacqueline to the office as she returns part time from a years maternity leave.

This year at EGS our aim is to plan and partake in a couple of worthwhile charity events, and organise more social team gatherings!