Belliss & Morcom Governor Overhaul

This unit is a rare Governor by Belliss and Morcom. The company which were founded in 1852 in Birmingham, are now a division of Ingersoll Rand based in Redditch.  The actual Governor is thought to be around at least 45 years old and obviously this particular model and parts now obsolete. We were unable to determine when it had previously been overhauled.

We fully stripped, chemically cleaned and inspected every inch of this governor. After inspection it was found that the output power piston trip mechanism housing had a large crack through the casting, and major wear throughout.

Specialist cast iron welding was carried out on the damaged part of the case and EGS manufactured all obsolete parts.

The unit was then carefully rebuilt, paint sprayed and tested to specification.

This unique Governor took 8 weeks to complete and our customer and team were all very impressed with our final achievement when fitted back into the petrochemical plant.

Below photos of before and after overhaul.

Steam Valve Overhaul for Sulzer

The Steam turbine combined trip and throttle valve was received in a very poor condition and appeared to have not been used for some considerable time.
Trip and throttle valves are integral to the safety and precisely control the speed / load of the steam turbine, typically drive an alternator, pump or fan.
Steam valves generally get very rusty, due to the nature of the harsh environment, as you can see from the before photograph.

Sequence of overhaul;
The first step we take when performing an overhaul on any valve is to photograph its initial state and also as we gradually strip the valve, more photos are taken.
The valve is then dismantled and cleaned by paint stripping and bead blasting to remove all rust and dirt, then chemically cleaned.
Once all parts are clean, they are then laid out and inspected for wear, damage and corrosion. Only then our technicians will ascertain what will need replacing.
A Standard overhaul kit was fitted, in addition to valve stems, pins, main studs, washers, adjusting screws, main gaskets used plus machining on some major parts carried out.
The valve was then meticulously re-built and mechanically tested to ensure the unit was back to original specification.

The finished valve was dispatched in a bespoke wooden packing case and delivered safely back to the customer by our own EGS transport.

For a enquiries, please contact

Steam Turbine Actuator Overhauls

We have just completed another successful overhaul job of 4 large steam valve actuators and Voith Way Valves for steam turbines situated in a recycling plant. This particular plant recycles domestic waste into electrical energy, which subsequently exports to the National Grid.
This job was interesting for our engineers, as all 4 actuators were received in a stripped and broken down state, as the plant engineers had tried to examine the actuators themselves and in turn had severely damaged vital components on the 4 units.
After all components were chemically cleaned and stripped of any paint, they were then fully inspected to see the extent of the destruction. Major components were replaced as well as ‘O’ rings, piston rings, seals, receptacles and all consumable fasteners renewed.
Our machine shop carried out bore honing to suit over sized pistons. Grinding and re-chroming piston stems to standard size. We also manufactured piston bearing/ seal housings.
Each steam valve actuator uses a Voith Way Valve, so these were also overhauled. The ‘Way Valve’ controls the hydraulic pressure, monitoring the feedback (LVDT) positioning sensor for each valve when fitted to the steam turbine.
Once all units were carefully re-assembled and painted a vibrant blue colour, they then had to be tested. Our Applications Engineer has built customised test equipment to aid in the examination of the output figures that each complete actuator should read. The Voith over speed trips were tested to factory settings. Each unit took approximately 2 hours to gain full accurate readings.
On completion of test, all equipment was delivered to site by our EGS Engineers, who were on hand to assist with installation.
With a lot of careful planning and production meetings, EGS were able to complete and turnaround this job in 4 weeks.

Congratulations to our Store man

Congratulations to our Store man, Ian who celebrates 25 years here at EGS

Another long standing employee of Essex Governors has become a member of the elite 25 years club!

Ian was congratulated by our Director Wayne Ward and the rest of the company where he was presented with a gift for his long service.

Ian joined  a small EGS team of approximately 6 employee back in 1990, when he originally started working as a parts cleaner, then moved to engine rebuild and stores.

The company has since grown considerably around Ian, including the stores, which is now 5 times the size!. Ian’s main job is to co-ordinate the stores and ensure all orders are picked, packed and despatched to his high standard.

Ian said “ Time has flown at EGS, I can’t believe I been here 25 years already!”

EGS to the Rescue

We have just saved the day and delivered three super red hot urgent governors that have be fitted back on board a cruise liner that encountered engine problems while sailing around the Mediterranean with passengers on board.

The three generator governors were overhauled here at EGS and delivered to Port where the motor vessel was docked within just three days.

The ship has now safely departed, carrying on its journey with around 800 passengers.

30 Years in Business

This year we are proud to be celebrating our 30th Anniversary. Since the company was founded in 1984 by Andrew Whyte it has grown from a single workshop with 3 staff to a well-established successful business. From starting off in a small workshop, the business has moved premises on four occasions and each time grown in size. Along the way EGS has been appointed as a channel partner for General Electric (G.E).

We supply to some of the top leading companies within the UK, across a wide range of sectors, including marine, rail, utility, industrial and petrochemical industries. Some of our dedicated engineers have travelled far and wide to reach customers abroad and help to resolve their governor related issues. From attending a luxury cruise ship in tropical climates to local incineration plant we have got the job done!

Year after year our amazing staff have provided outstanding workmanship and we are fortunate enough to hold many long serving employees and customers worldwide, our company would not have developed without them … and so we continue on our path of growth and excellence….30pics

The EGS Brand Governor

Quality built Governors at competitive pricespgpls

Welcome back to EGS …. This photo is one of our latest orders for 8 new PGPL Governors and 4 UG8 Governors. These are EGS BRAND GOVERNORS … What’s the difference to WOODWARD brand Governors you ask?? Well EGS governors are the same in build and specification to Woodward, apart from they are built and assembled here in our workshop in the UK by our trained and experienced technicians. All parts are quality Woodward parts and Governors are tested on Woodward test stands by our Woodward trained test engineer. All Governors are supplied with 12 months warranty cover and can be shipped worldwide.

EGS offer ..

  • All new build and overhauled governors are very competitively priced
  • A wide range of spare parts are available from stock
  • Exchange and Reconditioned Governors available
  • Onsite Engineers  / Emergency assistance
  • Retrofit projects
  • Governor Training courses tailored to specific requirements


25 years at EGS

We would like to wish our Workshop Manager Barry a big Congratulations for serving 25 years here at EGS. He is in the elite club of three now, joining our MD Andy and Service Manager Steve. I’m sure there will be many more to come as we have several long standing members of staff that have been here 15 years plus!

As for Barry, he started his career with an apprenticeship from 1980 to 1984 at Paxman Diesels (now MAN B&W Diesel LTD) to train as a Maintenance Fitter. He left Paxman Diesels in 1989 when he joined EGS as an Engine Fitter.

In 1999, when EGS decided to concentrate solely on governing equipment, Barry, with great product, process and company knowledge, was appointed Workshop Manager. Due to the high level of skill required to plan and organise the large number of projects we take on, in addition to managing the technicians’ workload and ensuring each job is completed not only to a high quality standard, but also at the right pace in order to meet customer deadlines, Barry is a strong asset to the company. Furthermore, he has contributed significantly to the coordination of the stores and the implementation of our job and stock management software thereby considerably improving the efficiency with which jobs are completed.

“Barry is an exceptionally valued member of staff and has always been driven in his work, he is an asset to EGS”. Quote from Wayne Ward – Director.


The Official Launch of EGS: The brand and the website

Friday 20th April 2012

Following the soft launch of the website on Tuesday the 10th of April, the new site is officially launched today.

As you can see we have rebranded to EGS (from Essex Governor Services) and have today launched a significantly revamped edition of the old website; a key part of our new approach to the web.


Over the years, we have grown our reputation for high quality products and a precise, expert service which is second to none. The company has steadily expanded into new sectors from rail and marine, to petrochemical, utilities and industrial whilst developing the service offering to cover not only mechanical overhaul, but overhaul of electronic governors and turbine controls as well as actuators, steam valves and upgrades to control systems. As a result, EGS have been minimising risk, maximising profitability and equipping customers to make the most of the resources they have to hand. We wanted to showcase this growth and development to our customers and demonstrate that whilst remaining dedicated to the root of the business, we now offer the latest technologies.

When going about our web strategy, we didn’t simply want to display basic information about the company, we instead wanted to take the ‘user-centred’ approach and set out to discover what existing customers wanted to see. After conducting some research alongside our customers on their expectations and hopes for the website (we very much appreciate all those customers that took the time to assist us on this) we combined this valuable insight with the expertise of Cyber-Duck to identify which areas would require the greatest emphasis once the website reached wireframing and ultimately design.

The end result – The new brand

When considering the project, we decided that our renewed approach to the web and showcasing of the new areas of our business would not be complete unless we also redesigned our brand to complement these changes. April worked alongside Cyber-Duck’s Senior Designer Raj on the design of the logo.

We found our old logo (all of which can be found within our history page) whilst conveying the global element to the business, it did not convey what we did as a company, and in general was quite unclear. The new logo, a more contemporary design, maintains the global image of our company whilst representing the present and future EGS; the controls side of our business. What’s more, as a logo it is unique and bold and hence very much conveys what we are about at EGS.

The end result – The new site

An important element to the resulting website is that it caters for both those customers that want to take the time to learn more about EGS product and service offerings, as well as those who simply want fast, straight-forward access to the particular service, product or contact they are looking for.

We have informative videos of employees as well as intriguing content on how a governor is stripped down, inspected and restored to as-new condition. In addition, there is extensive information on all the products we supply and maintain as well as some examples of projects the company has worked on and the services we offer. We have included a history page to document the development of the company to date, and a team page to showcase our marvellous team demonstrating their skill and expertise, enabling our customers to have every confidence in the staff working with their product.

Moving forward

During the redesign process it was important that we got the point across just how focussed we are on our customer relationships, whilst also ensuring our newer product and service offerings are conveyed well. Now we have our website up and running, we will keep you up to date on our various day-to-day activities, in addition to exciting and unique projects that we take on as they happen. We are also keen to push our social media campaign, having set up Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked-In pages in addition to continuing to add to our website and researching what our customers would like to see.

We are currently working on producing an interactive diagram that, aside from the video demonstrating how a typical mechanical governor is assembled, will show how the governor works from the inside.

Throughout the redesign process, we have been looking at ways to improve our service, product offering, and the way our company operates. We are currently undergoing a significant refurbishment project within our offices with the view of improving efficiency and communication. We take each project step by step, but never cease to look to improve our business, move forward and ensure the customer is at the centre of each measure.