Urgent overhaul for RFA Wave Ruler

30th July – 10th August 2012


Technician Steve is working on an urgent PG-EG58 overhaul for the RFA Wave Ruler vessel.

We are also overhauling two RE400 governors for MOD warships within our enabling contract. Technicians Mick and Chris have been working on the two Regulateurs Europa governors, with the first of the two freshly resprayed yesterday, decals and last minute adjustments were made this morning and it is currently being testing to specification.

Exchange build

Technician James last week completed two exchange build Woodward UG8 governors.

Retrofit and upgrades

Service Manager Steve is working alongside Applications Engineer Jon to complete the preliminary planning stages of a control upgrade for a vessel belonging to a UK based marine support services provider.

The existing equipment consists currently of the obsolete Woodward 701 control, which will be replaced with the Woodward 723 digital control.

This should be a two day project; Jon will meet the vessel in its location to mount and wire the 723 and configure all settings. He will then thoroughly test the new system, commission the engine by running it through its various speed ranges and temperatures to check the response.