Belliss & Morcom Governor Overhaul

This unit is a rare Governor by Belliss and Morcom. The company which were founded in 1852 in Birmingham, are now a division of Ingersoll Rand based in Redditch.  The actual Governor is thought to be around at least 45 years old and obviously this particular model and parts now obsolete. We were unable to determine when it had previously been overhauled.

We fully stripped, chemically cleaned and inspected every inch of this governor. After inspection it was found that the output power piston trip mechanism housing had a large crack through the casting, and major wear throughout.

Specialist cast iron welding was carried out on the damaged part of the case and EGS manufactured all obsolete parts.

The unit was then carefully rebuilt, paint sprayed and tested to specification.

This unique Governor took 8 weeks to complete and our customer and team were all very impressed with our final achievement when fitted back into the petrochemical plant.

Below photos of before and after overhaul.

Steam Valve Overhaul for Sulzer

The Steam turbine combined trip and throttle valve was received in a very poor condition and appeared to have not been used for some considerable time.
Trip and throttle valves are integral to the safety and precisely control the speed / load of the steam turbine, typically drive an alternator, pump or fan.
Steam valves generally get very rusty, due to the nature of the harsh environment, as you can see from the before photograph.

Sequence of overhaul;
The first step we take when performing an overhaul on any valve is to photograph its initial state and also as we gradually strip the valve, more photos are taken.
The valve is then dismantled and cleaned by paint stripping and bead blasting to remove all rust and dirt, then chemically cleaned.
Once all parts are clean, they are then laid out and inspected for wear, damage and corrosion. Only then our technicians will ascertain what will need replacing.
A Standard overhaul kit was fitted, in addition to valve stems, pins, main studs, washers, adjusting screws, main gaskets used plus machining on some major parts carried out.
The valve was then meticulously re-built and mechanically tested to ensure the unit was back to original specification.

The finished valve was dispatched in a bespoke wooden packing case and delivered safely back to the customer by our own EGS transport.

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Help Marie raise money for Charity

Marie has signed up for a Trek across the Sahara Dessert!

She has set herself this challenge of a lifetime to help support a local charity called St Helena Hospice, they help people to live well and die with dignity and choice. Something which is close to Marie.

She will spend 5 days in Morocco in February 2018, trekking 40k across the dessert.

Marie has a fundraising target of £1700, which she needs to reach by December 2017.

You can donate to her Just Giving pagebadge10 here. Please support her all you can.


Good Luck Marie, and Well Done for raising money for such a great cause.


Service Department in high demand

This February it has been nice to see lots of work coming in from brand new customers in the UK. From a rail preservation society to a waterborne transport logistics company!  Our Service department are also in very high demand this month.


Our biggest job this month worked on by our governor technicians was to fully overhaul four very large steam valves,  the valves each weighing around one tonne  were fully stripped, cleaned, inspected, rebuilt  and tested, they will be fitted back on to their steam turbines at the waste management site.

A governor that we don’t see very often is a Regulateurs Europa 303, this came into us for overhaul from a Rail preservation society, the  Ardleigh Governor was around 54 years old, but once fully overhauled looked as good as new and was delivered back to be fitted onto its steam locomotive in Derbyshire.

Another governor that rarely comes into our works is the Haganute governor, two of these governors were completely overhauled and delivered back to a luxury cruise liner.


Some of our onsite jobs this month include the following;

Our engineer Jon spent  10 days on board a lavish cruise liner sailing the carribbean, the job entailed sorting out the technical issues concerning the start sequence on a 2301d control that needed to be resolved.

Emergency call out for our service engineer to attend a UK offshore safety vessel, the main engine had failed in service so our engineer had to diagnose control problems. Vital spares were supplied from our stock to enable the repair of the main engine governor drive. Once repairs were complete, the vessel continued back out to sea.

Engineer Steve attended a naval vessel to commence basin trials on the engine followed by sea trials to ensure all was running properly.


We are currently in the process of organising our charity bike ride event, and this year looking at participating in The Tour de Tendering. On this particular event we can choose our own charity to donate to.

Merry Christmas to you all, from EGS

With the end of the year fast approaching, we have all been working hard to tie up the urgent jobs that need to be shipped out before the Christmas holidays.

What a year it has been for EGS …….. New staff, new office refurbishments, new logo, new website, new clients, new retrofit projects…. The list could go on….


All EGS staff enjoyed the Christmas party which was held on Saturday 15th December at Colchester United Stadium.  What a fantastic night this was, with excellent food, comedy club and a disco. A great way to help wrap up 2012.


Our Christmas close down will be from Monday 24th Dec, returning back on Wednesday 2nd Jan 2013.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Best wishes for 2013!!