Incoming Jobs

From month to month its hard to tell what we are going to be busy working on, only a small amount of our work is planned for the month, which is usually retrofit projects, larger quantities of overhaul jobs or for scheduled sea trials or working with turbine shut downs. As in this industry we don’t get much prior warning. So its down to our managers to deal with all jobs efficiently and work out the most effective way to distribute the work to ensure all jobs go to plan and get out the door on time!

I will take today as an example, as we have an array of different jobs received;

After speaking to the office staff and looking at our system, I can see today we have received  quite a few spares orders for items like Woodward UG8 & PSG spares, repair kits, motors, and controls. Also orders for both mechanical and digital governors . Reports have been written for three governors that have been overhauled and so costs need to be submitted to the customer for approval to proceed.  An order has been received to overhaul four Woodward PG-PL governors being delivered in two days for a quick turnaround.

An urgent onsite engineer is required for tomorrow to solve a hunting problem on an offshore marine support vessel.

Another engineer is required to attend a Tug near Glasgow in two days to assist with setting up our overhauled governors and to attend sea trials.

Plus enquiries by phone and email to which then written quotations are emailed to customers.

We never have a set busy period or a quiet period unlike some industries they can generally tell what months they expect to be more in demand, unfortunately we can’t.

The office staff who deal with the incoming jobs enjoy their work as each day is different from the other.

‘Its hard to tell what each day will bring, but I like it that way, as there’s never a dull moment as a lot of the time we are working to deadlines so our orders can meet their destinations on time’  Quote by Sarah Amoss – Office Administrator




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