EGC2 Overhaul and PG-EG conversion

July 2nd – 13th 2012

Mechanical Overhaul


Engineers Ivor and Chris overhauled two EG2Cs for overhaul for the oil rig platform of an independent oil and gas company,

The EG2Cs are old electric governors with ballhead assembly back up. From our experience, these governors are prone to oil leakages and when hence tested as received and found to be the case. The governors were then stripped by Ivor and cleaned, the cases were sleeved and the worn piston bored.

We replaced the worn parts which in this case was the pilot valve bushing and the plunger, which was replaced on both the mechanical and electric side. Both power pistons replaced and all consumable parts.

Finally they were rebuilt and tested to specification.


We have supplied two UG10D governors to London based shipping company.



This fortnight one of our customers, an offshore application specialist that had previously ordered a  PG-EG flush shaft governor, required a conversion in order that the terminal shaft was on the right hand side of the governor. With a twin shaft PG-EG this would have been much easier, however due to space limitation issues a conversion was necessary.

Exchange build


We have completed five unique build PSG models to be fitted to Caterpillar engines.

Electronics Overhaul


Service Manager Steve is currently working on a CPC-I sent in by a customer for overhaul and recalibration. This particular CPC has been subject to water contamination so will be fully examined for any damaged, any repair work will be carried out as necessary in addition to part replaced if required.


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