EGB Proport governors overhauled for Ministry of Defence

May 21st – June 1st 2012


Following the completion of the sea trials mentioned in last fortnight’s post, the controls upgrade consisting of a 723 PLUS and PGA-EG triple redundant system per engine for an ocean research vessel, is fully complete. Chris, who accompanied engineers Jon and Karl to assist with the installation and in particular the new pipework, took some great photos during the project, which can be found to the right.

We are now working on the completion of the upgrade project for British Sugar. Friday the 25th May, engineers Jon, Karl and Chris attended site to record all information and measurements necessary to install the new 505panel and CPC-II system.

The requirements for the new system, conveyed to us by British Sugar consist of the removal of the existing Woodwood 505 governor system and its associated hydraulic pipework and valves, and replacing with the new generation of Woodwood 505 PLUS and CPCII mounted in purpose built panel. We will also be fitting a HMI505 view for remote control and monitoring.

The requirements of the project are as follows: load control, back pressure control , isochronous frequency control, run up and control of set speed prior to synchronisation, control of set speed for purposes of back synchronisation, inlet pressure control at the turbine governor controller, control panel to house all equipment controller, Bentley 3500 system, TMR overspeed system, steam chest temperatures, critical interlocks, dual redundant power supplies, clean earthing bar, trip protection key switch, retransmission of signals for DCS and terminal for all spare cores, HMI to view all temperatures, pressures, levels, vibration levels and speed indication and integral electronic overspeed protection with TMR functionality.


We have completed the Ansaldo steam turbine actuator overhaul that was briefly mentioned in last fortnight’s post. This took place in the form of a routine overhaul, major parts were replaced including new servo rod and new piston arrangement. The main case was rebored, rebuilt and calibrated to customer specification. The finished product was collected by the customer.

We are also working on the overhaul of two 13 ft lb EGB proport dial governors for the MOD for which it was necessary to replace the pilot valve bushing due to wear. To the right you can see several photos of the EGB job at various stages of the overhaul process.

Agents – Essex Governor Services Middle East and Asia

There are several overhaul projects taking place within the department for our agent Ian Skins; supply of a TG13 new unit to Singapore, two PGD governors and an urgent UG10D.

Furthermore, in line with our new website and rebrand, our agent Ian is working with New Zealand based web design agency Mogul on the development of his new site. Much like ours, a completely fresh approach is necessary. Ian is working with developer Anna on a simple but easy-to-use layout; this is due for completion towards the end of next month.


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