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19th – 30th March 2012

After five months of preparation for the new EGS website, it is a week away from launch. As part of a new Marketing Strategy, April Hatcher, Marketing Manager, will now be writing fortnightly updates on business developments to keep our customers up to date on our latest news. So let’s take a look at the last two weeks.

Video Production

We have tied up a significant proportion of our overhaul department’s time in the production of two videos for the website. We produced a video to cover the in-depth process of our overhauls with a focus on the reassembly after having cleaned, inspected and replaced parts as necessary. Governor Technician James volunteered for this role and commented:

“I was quite conscious of the camera, capturing shots every 30 seconds for several hours as I wasn’t used to being filmed while at work. It was an interesting and exciting experience however, I enjoyed taking part and really look forward to seeing the end result”

The other video produced was an introduction to the company which can be found on the homepage. We also conducted some photography from which to design an interactive diagram of a governor, to represent how a governor works. A sample of this photography can be found to the right; the full illustration will be produced over the next few weeks.

Thanks to the commitment and hard work of several individuals, we did not allow these events to impede the successful and timely completion of our on-going projects.


In addition to the disturbance caused to the overhaul department for the purposes of the website, we also had to cover an emergency breakdown of a Regulateurs Europa Governor 1104A– 4G-34R for a container company with whom we have worked closely for a number of years.

The customer telephoned as at 7:00 and had to have the governor returned and commissioned for the vessel to depart at 23:00 the same day. We immediately sent a service engineer to recover the governor. Upon inspection at our workshop, the fault was immediately clear; the gear pump had seized snapping the drive shaft in half. We had reason to believe that this was caused by oil contamination, and therefore also recovered and overhauled the booster unit to ensure this problem would not reoccur.


The retrofit department has had a successful few weeks and are excited by the prospect of our latest joint venture with GE. Service Manager Steve met with the Mechanical Systems Engineer for GE to discuss a control upgrade for 4 x 500mW turbines, updating the existing governing control system.

GE Engineer Ankit is particularly keen to work with EGS in this case to take advantage of our UK facilities. Over the next few weeks we will work alongside GE on the preparation of the proposal of one MKVIe per turbine with associated hardware equipment and support from both companies in the completion of the project.

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