Training Courses

The training courses offered by EGS began after demand from several customers to provide specialist training for their technical staff. In response, we put together a series of training modules designed to cover a variety of procedures for cost-effective, preventive maintenance aimed at maximising up-time.


Firstly we like to meet with our customer to thoroughly discuss the equipment that they have and their requirements and expectations of the course.

The training will then take place either at our factory in Fordham, or on site as required by the customer. These courses generally take place over two days but will vary according the needs and time restraints of the customer.

Each course is tailored to the needs of the customer and provides a balance of theory and practical issues. We can cover a wide variety of products including mechanical governors and electronic modules.

In order to maintain high quality standards of training, we advise customers to plan for a maximum of six employees to attend each course. All accommodation and meals can be provided.


These courses are highly recommended by us as a fantastic measure to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime as they maximise employee awareness on all aspects of governor set-up for minimum disturbance to their operation. They have been particularly successful over the years; take a look at some of the feedback comments we received via questionnaire that our customers kindly took the time to answer:

  • “Well thought out and well-presented course. Instructor extremely knowledgeable on subject matter. Plenty of opportunity given to hands on adjustments.”
  • “Good mix of practical and theory; a good insight into governor operation. Learned a lot of ‘Don’t Dos’. Nice to have an opportunity to play with the real thing. User-friendly, well planned, well presented and a great lunch… by far one of our better courses.”
  • “It was great to have so much information to take away from the course on a memory stick.”
  • “Catered for all levels of understanding.”
  • “Have come away from the course feeling a lot more confident in tackling any problems that may occur on board.”