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Vickers Control Valve Overhaul





Job Nature

Electronics Overhaul

We regularly maintain and overhaul equipment for one of the UK’s leading integrated power and gas companies. In October 2010, they asked us to overhaul two Vickers control valves, fitted to a 500mW Parsons turbine, in addition to overhaul a Parsons main turbine electro-hydraulic valve assembly and various safety shutdown trip blocks.

Work required:

The Vickers control valves are electro-hydraulic actuators, which had to be stripped cleaned and inspected as per our overhaul process. The electronics had to be rebuilt within our retrofit department, in addition to having to rebuild and certify the new electronic heads.

To complete the Parsons main turbine electro-hydraulic valve assembly overhaul, the main pilot valves had to be completely remanufactured due to contamination within the oil system leading to severe corrosion of the controlling pilot valve.


Due to our successful completion of a number of jobs to a high quality standard, we now regularly service one of the main generator sets consisting of four turbines transporting energy to the national grid. This work takes place routinely to fit around the needs and downtime plans of their machinery.

For more information on our overhaul process please see our overhaul page in which you will fine a video on our overhaul process, or see our electronics overhaul page.
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