Engine & Turbine Governor Services


Quality – we ensure that every aspect of our company runs with a focus on the highest level of quality from the earliest stage of customer contact to project completion and seek to maintain a close working relationship with all of our customers.

Integrity – throughout our company history we have worked to ensure that our words always match our actions in order that the goals of our company remain credible and achievable.

Accountability - we will work to continually improve our service. We respect the right of any interested party to bring to our attention any area in which our procedures fall short of our high expectations and we will deal with any issue in an efficient, timely and effective way.

Belonging – we cannot provide a high quality service to customers without looking after our team; we therefore promote the job satisfaction of our employees and encourage wherever possible the development of new skills in addition to implementing a number of schemes to keep motivation and morale at their best.

Stability ­– through careful management we have guaranteed the stability and success of the company and as a result provide a quality service for our customers and economic stability for all of our employees.


At the very heart of our business are our customers. EGS recognises that our 28 successful years could not have taken place without the loyalty of our customers; at each stage of our business, therefore, we consider our customer’s needs, and look for the best ways to meet them. We have identified the following areas that are the most important to our customers:

Service – we seek to provide an unbeatable service at each and every point of contact we have with customers, from communicating the project requirements to project completion.

Quality  we are keen to maintain our excellent quality system. We were first accredited the BS EN ISO 9002 certificate in 1996 and just upgraded to the new standard ISO 9001:2015.

Our quality control department scrutinises each piece of work before it leaves the premises to ensure that it meets our strict quality standard and that it will meet the expectations of our customer.

Our equipment and installations all come with 12 months warranty.  In the unlikely event that there is a fault with our workmanship we will correct it at the earliest possible time.

Reliability – we at EGS understand the nature of the industries we serve. Our clients are heavily dependent on us to meet deadlines in order to minimise downtime and maximise product efficiency. Our service engineers can attend vessels or plants anywhere in the country within 24 hours or abroad by arrangement.   Overhaul work booked into EGS on a tight deadline is guaranteed to be returned on time every time, with an engineer to fit and commission the application if necessary.  Finally our spares department can provide full back-up for most client installations.

Price – at EGS, we aim to offer an unbeatable, high quality service, provided by an experienced team of recognisable experts and we ensure that our pricing is still competitive.

Unique design – at EGS, we recognise that no project is the same; each requires a unique process of evaluation, design, planning and testing. All EGS products and projects are specifically tailored to suit our customer needs.

Expertise – our specialist team of engineers can advise you on all aspects of your product. Some of our employees have been members of the EGS team since day one of the company. We offer an unbeatable accumulation of knowledge, experience and skills to meet your every need. Our engineers have witnessed the evolution of the governor over time from simple mechanical models to complex electronic governing systems; we welcome all enquires large and small.
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